Custom Template


Dec 2023

This environment template has the bare bones of the packages that you’ll need to create a conda environment compatible with Studel2’s Jupyter Lab app.

See our custom environment documentation for more details.

Environment Definition

!cat /apps/conda-envs/custom.yml
name: custom
  # Add channels as needed for your research packages from most specific to least specific
  - conda-forge

  # Required libraries to launch Jupyter Lab jobs
  - jupyter
  - jupyterlab

  # Required libraries to interface with the SLURM queue with Dask
  - dask
  - dask-jobqueue
  # Add libraries needed for your research here as required
  # If your package is only available through pip, as a git repo or needs to be compiled locally, uncomment this section
  # - pip
  # - pip:
  #   - package_name
  #   - git+https://URL/TO/GIT/REPO